Samuel Kirk

Samuel Kirk

“With K8 you can tell exactly how much you are making and exactly how much you are spending, It gives you a very up-to-date picture” Kirk Alerdice, Branch Manager – founder’s grandson

Challenge: existing systems, supplier stability, integration, stock control, management reporting, pricing

Samuel Kirk (Builders Merchants) Ltd is a family-owned business established in 1947 employing 14 people. The company provides a full range of DIY and building supplies for trade and retail customers.

The compelling factors which led to the installation K8 included the inadequacies of the previous system. As a text –based trading and accounting system it required excessive manual intervention, stock control and management reporting was poor, and it was difficult to price products. A new system had to be easier to use. Samuel Kirk installed K8 in 2005

Gains and benefits

  • Excellent functionality throughout the system – suits the business needs

  • Information at the finger tips – means efficiency, good service and simplifies work-flow 

  • Pricing and discounts handled consistently – maintains margin, eliminates costly errors

  • Timber purchasing and sales capability – a complex area fully controlled

  • Credit account controls – few debt issues and better cash flow

  • Special orders fully controlled ensures good customer service is provided



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