Easy Retrieval using Digital Signature Capture Software

Are you using paper to capture your customer's signatures? Doing this can cause problems, because there is a risk that the document might be misplaced. With our K8 Digital Capture Software, your customers can confirm the transaction on a K8 connected digital signature capture pad which is connected to K8. This saves you time and money and ultimately means that your customers are happy.

All the advice notes, including signatures, are archived electronically, (there is no merchant paper copy to file) saving you time and space. Proof of collection is immediately available from the archived copy, which can be printed, faxed or ideally emailed direct to the customer. The choice is yours!

K8 Digital Signature Capture: Benefits at a Glance

  • Provides you with a more effective proof of goods collected

  • Print advice notes as single sheet electronic forms on laser printer

  • Replace the need for multi-part stationery and dot matrix printers

  • No need for advice/collection note scanning

  • The advice note is immediately archived – showing the signature

  • Faster query resolution compared with retrieving hard copy documents

  • Documents can be printed, faxed or emailed to your customers to verify

  • Saves you time, money and can help to speed up payment

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